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Hi Mark and LaFrancis,
Everyone loves the APHA "Public Health Resources from NLM" training. They are ready to promote it and send it across the world! Thank you both for your dedication and quick-turn-around for completing this by APHA.

This [ToxTutor] is an excellent tool, to use as a part of, for training (or introducing toxicology to) new hire chemical hazard communication specialists and/or product stewardship specialists.

I just scrolled through a couple [ToxTutor] topics and was impressed by the volume of information formatted into easily digested morsels. Good work!

As always - thank you for your customer focused innovative solution!"

"I have worked with Mark Rash on several projects over the past five years.

Working with Mark is a true joy. He takes charge of ensuring that he understands the subject matter for the training; and he consistently offers creative ideas and suggestions for offering the best training options to our associates. He requires very little supervision; and each training package he delivers is accurate, well written and requires little or no editing.

Mark is pleasant and cooperative, and he tackles each project with energy and enthusiasm. He is a valuable asset to the OfficeMax creative process, and he exceeds expectations on every occasion. As a project manager, I have always been pleased to have Mark as a part of my project team."