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Samples of e-learning courses & other multimedia learning solutions
e-Learning & Multimedia
Samples of e-learning courses & other multimedia learning solutions

Engaging, highly interactive e-learning courses that help the learner explore new concepts. Whether it's systems training, processes and procedures, compliance information, or other concepts, these courses will guide participants through the content and toward the objectives.

AIDSinfo Information Resources - Course developed in Articulate Storyline 360

This course includes pre- and post-course evaluation surveys. In this copy of the course, you do not need to submit responses to these surveys; however, you must scroll to the bottom of each evaluation, click 'Done,' and then click 'Submit My Responses' to proceed with the course.
Intended for health care professionals interested in or involved in the field of HIV/AIDS, this interactive, scenario-based course explores ways that medical professionals can use the AIDSinfo website in their clinical practice. I worked with subject matter experts to finalize a storyboard, script, and prototype. I then used these plans to develop the course in Storyline 360. Since the course covers how to navigate and use a website, I used After Effects to create several video components to enable smooth scrolling, zooming, and higher quality than animating the screenshots in Storyline. I also customized After Effects templates to develop the logo reveal and introductory video. I coordinated voiceover recordings and performed audio post production, closed captioning, and other final work. Finally, I embedded pre- and post-course evaluation surveys from Survey Monkey into the course and programmed it such that these evaluations are required components in order to offer continuing education credits.

ToxTutor (Toxicology Tutorial) - Course created with custom HTML5 & Bootstrap 3

This is a mobile-responsive, custom web-based tutorial primarily consisting of text, photos, illustrations, and a few short videos. My efforts included designing the new web site layout, converting existing content into formats appropriate for the new site, identifying and adapting stock photos and educational images, creating educational infographics, developing basic animations to illustrate complex topics, developing the entire web site, working with subject matter experts (SMEs) and coordinating content reviews and edits, and implementing SCORM functionality.

HIV/AIDS Information Resources from the National Library of Medicine - Course created in Adobe Captivate

This interactive e-learning course includes software simulations intended to help people living with HIV/AIDS, their families, and their caretakers learn how to use online information resources to locate accurate, authoritative, and reliable health information.

Promotional Video for HIV Navigation Services e-learning course - Video with full motion graphics

This video promotes the HIV Navigation Services e-learning course, which I also developed for the same client (U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Minority AIDS Council). The video includes motion graphics and effects to highlight key elements of the full online course. My role included design and planning, acquiring and modifying Adobe After Effects templates, audio and video post-production, screen captures, and final production.

A Seat at the Table: Working with the Disaster Workforce - Course created with custom HTML5 & Bootstrap 3

This is a mobile-responsive, custom web-based tutorial primarily consisting of text and infographics. My efforts included instructional design to develop learning objectives and organize the content to support adult learning, designing and developing the course web site, implementing SCORM functionality for continuing education credits, and working with stakeholders throughout the process.

Community Health Maps - Course created with custom HTML5, Bootstrap 4, and videos developed in After Effects

Some functionality, such as the post-course evaluation survey, will not function in this demo because it is running outside a Learning Management System (LMS)
This video-based e-learning course was built as a mobile-responsive, HTML5 web site that uses Bootstrap 4. Since the course was originally delivered as in-person workshops, my instructional design efforts included converting the classroom instruction into an effective, engaging, self-paced e-learning course. As part of the process, I developed storyboards, narration scripts, the course web site, and the instructional videos.

ORAU Learn - Learning Management System (LMS)

This free, public-facing LMS offers several e-learning courses offered by the National Library of Medicine. My involvement included branding the LMS for the client, importing and managing e-learning courses, pulling reports, providing end user technical support, and designing and developing all of the courses offered under the National Library of Medicine category.

Individual Development Plan (IDP) - Course created in Articulate

Requires Adobe Flash Player
This course was created in Articulate. The entire course is included here since the concepts covered are universal when it comes to individual development plans and employee growth.

CALMS e-learning - Course created in Adobe Captivate

Requires Adobe Flash Player
This is a small sample extracted from a larger e-learning course created in Captivate. The course was greatly reduced to remove proprietary information.