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This page identifies a number of resources that have been helpful to me in the ITMA program and in my professional setting.

Document Viewers

Adobe Acrobat Reader
Free download from Adobe for reading Portable Document Format (PDF) files.

Adobe Flash Player 10
Free download from Adobe for playing multimedia, such as animation and video, in your web browser.

Windows Media Player
Free download from Microsoft for playing a variety of media files, especially the Windows Media format.

Provides powerful, free software for information management using WebDAV, FTP, or other methods.

Web Resources

Collection of Web Resources (Education & the Web course)
This spreadsheet contains a collection of websites that relate to education and can be of value to other educators. The document is included here because it illustrates collecting and managing information to provide resources that facilitate learning.

AECT (Association for Educational Communications and Technology)
Professional association of educators and others who seek to improve instruction through technology. This organization establishes the professional standards for the field of Instructional Technology.

American Management Association
Website of the AMA provides lots of information, training, and resources for managers and leaders. The site not only provides information about management and leadership, but also about training and development. Some of the available resources include seminars, books, web events, podcasts, and papers about important subjects in the field of training and development.

This page provides details about the ASSURE Model for planning and delivering effective instruction. It describes the various components involved with each phase of the model.

ASTD (American Society for Training & Development)
Website of the world's largest professional organization devoted to the field of training and development. This site can be useful for exploring various methods for approaching training and development in the corporate sector, perform research in the field, receive certification in training and development, and network with other professionals.

Big Dog & Little Dog's Performance Juxtaposition - Instructional Systems Design
A useful collection of knowledge and information on leadership, performance, training, and learning. The site is managed by Don Clark, a professional in the field of Instructional Technology. This site can be a useful quick reference guide for some of the foundational elements of Instructional Technology. It also provides alternative approaches and in-depth procedures for activities such as needs assessment, performance analysis, formative and summative evaluation (including a breakdown of Kirkpatrick's four levels of evaluation), and much more.

E-Learning Guild
Excellent tool for information, research, and collaboration for e-learning professionals.

ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)
US Department of Education's online digital library containing a multitude of information and resources on education research. This site is an excellent resource for research and information from scholarly sources including journals, books, papers, reports, and other education-related materials.

Instructional Design Central
A portal of information about instructional design, this site includes career opportunities, degree programs, conferences, links to other web resources, and discussion forums devoted to the field.

ITMA (Instructional Technology Master of Arts) at Virginia Tech
Home of the ITMA program at Virginia Tech, this site provides information about the program.

NoodleBib Express
Free online tool that can be used to generate compliant citations and references in MLA, APA, and Chicago style.

Toolbox for HR
Collaboration tool and information portal for Human Resources professionals, including those focused on Training and Development.

Other Resources

Richard Mayer's E-Learning and the Science of Instruction
This book is an invaluable resource that discusses the key principles of multimedia learning. It contains research-backed guidance on how to design and develop effective multimedia learning solutions.